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Custom Handmade Keepsakes

Memory Teddy Bears


Memory Teddy Bear handmade from your loved ones dress shirt, skirt, sweaters, flannel shirts, shorts or pants. 

Memory Uniform Teddy Bear


Memory Teddy Bear handmade from your child's uniform skirt, shorts or pants.

Memory Costume Teddy Bear


Have an dance recital, Mardi Gras parade, or Halloween costume? Up-cycle that costume into a handmade memory bear or pillow!

Memory Pillow


14 inch memory pillow handmade from your loved ones clothing and embroidered with a special message or signature.

Custom Digitizing Embroidery


Make your handmade memory keepsake even more special by getting your loved ones signature or handwriting embroidered to your bear or pillow!

Ornaments, Mini Pillows & Zipper Pouches


Made from the leftover clothing scraps from your  handmade memory bear or pillow.